Bourey vs Bulley: Bourverse

Your Virtual Ready Metaverse(VRM) Avatar Trading Card Game

The Bourverse

A web3 first... Bridging the gap between web2, web3, and IRL, the first virtual trading card game. Some are Commons, Some are Rares, some are Legendary, some are Epic, and some are YUGE. You mint the NFT, you can claim the VRM Avatar. You can also sell that NFT Card on secondary and the new owner also has access to the same VRM Avatar. You have only one and don't have the funds for another one? You can sell it after your claim, buy another on secondary, and claim that VRM Avatar next. The cards are the means to access the Virtual Metaverse ready Avatars and after they have been purchased and claimed, they are 100% yours to use for personal/non-commercial use. 

The benefit of VRM Avatars, is that you can use them on any of the supported platforms. You feel like rocking a common Bourey or Bulley in a race car, you got it. You feel like rocking something more rare in a battle, it is yours to do so. While navigating this Space and the current legal framework in place, I noticed a fundamental flaw. What happens to all of the 3D files, etc., that come with or are attached to NFTs after they are sold? You downloaded them, you connected with them, you claimed them, they are on your devices. So they legally belong to you. It is no different than any game skin that you purchase, loot boxes, etc. As many are making things up as they go along, we are keeping it legitness.

Every purchase, whether at mint or on secondary comes with a claim for the associated VRM file. Keep the Virtual Metaverse Ready Avatar Card, sell it, collect some others, it is completely up to you. The cards are the means to access the Virtual Ready Metaverse Avatars themselves. Imagine the possibilities. Will those who hold the rarer cards be willing to part with them to claim some others? Everyone has a price. The collection is scalable. It won't matter if you missed out on the mint. Everyone will have the opportunity to get into the metaverse, all of the supported platforms, as well as our Bourverse.

This collection is sustainable on it's own and the future potential of our Bourverse is mind-blowing. New locations can be built. New areas can be constructed. With every update, more and more can be achieved. Areas for movies? Yes, it is happening. Shops, billboards, a whole community can be connected in one place and you can change your character based on your mood for the day. The possibilities are endless. So the only question that remains is, are you going to collect them all?

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