Bourey vs Bulley

--- KARTS ---


Phase One: Alpha Pass

Completed - 4/1/23

A Free Mint consisting of 333 AI Generated Bears to give early supporters and those who are lacking the funds to mint, the opportunity to HODL their Alpha Pass to mint day coming the 2nd half of this year and mint for free. All Alpha Pass holders following the mint of Phase Two in July become DaoTwo and have voting rights in the future of this project. More Alpha Passes = More Votes

Phase Blue: The Bull

Completed May 4th, 2023

333 AI Generated Bulls by Ai Anarchist that dropped on May the 4th, 2023. The mint closed out in under 5 minutes.

BBNFT: Battle in Metadata Begins in Discord

Completed May - June 2023

A Blockchain Battle in metadata like no other. You die in Battle, you die on the Blockchain. The stakes are high, the prize is Legendary, are you in? All Alpha Pass and Phase Blue holders qualify if your NFTs are currently unlisted from the exchanges. In 28 days, all Metadata will be reset to prepare for the coming Bourey Vs Bulley.

Bourey vs. Bulley

Completed July 15, 2023

"333 Bears pave the way to the secret of the Gateway, whose key lies with the eternal holder."
Having a Bear + a Gateway Pass or a Bull + a Gateway Pass qualifies you to an exclusive holders mint of full VRM Avatars that are Metaverse Ready. They both need to be unlisted. Is there a coming land w/battles?
Yes there is!

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2nd Half '23 - '24

Phase Two: The Bear and Bull NFT

Coming  Q4 of 2023

The Bear and Bull NFT - It's not a bear. It's not a bull. It's both. 3333 in total, hand drawn art, that personifies the internal battle which we all face with buying and selling in both the bear and bull market. 100% Mint Back Guarantee. Alpha Pass holders from mint qualify for a free mint in Q4.

Phase Three: The Awakening

Coming 1st Half of 2024

All Alpha Pass holders at the time of Phase Two will become DaoTwo. The entire project after phase two mints will be fully decided by DaoOne and DaoTwo combined. From day one to DaoOne to DaoTwo, this is a community driven project and ultimately will be decided by the holders within the ecosystem.


 May 12, 2023

Bourey vs Bulley

An exclusive mint for Bear and Bull holders that have either one as well as a Gateway Pass. The mint is scheduled to begin on July 15 and will run 24 hours to allow all who HODL to mint. What remains after 24 hours will be opened to the Public. They come with Metaverse ready VRM files to be used within any ecosystem that is currently supported. Shortly there after will be a land drop that includes a place to battle. Following mint there will be how to videos and discussions on how to upload your Avatars to other platforms. As well as discussions on the coming land currently under devolpment.

The Bear and Bull NFT: You know I'm new to Crypto (lyric video)

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